Sunday, September 21, 2014

Drawing my Kitchen

I have been planning to do this for ages. Or well, since the first time I saw Tommy Kane's klass while still preparing to launch the very first kourse of Sketchbook Skool, way back when.

So I drew my kitchen. First the rough directions in pencil, then I drew everything in pen and added details. It has been a pen drawing for a week or two, waiting for colour, while I filled up my next daily pages in my sketchbook.

Then finally I sat down and took out my watercolours. I hardly ever go back into a drawing to finish it, but this time I did, and I am so glad I did! Well spent drawing time, spent at my favorite place in the kitchen.

You can do this too. It's almost meditative. And very rewarding if you take the time for a drawing. If you want to learn from the master in slowing down and drawing details, Tommy Kane, go to and join the kourse "Beginnings". It's $99 and starts October 10.
You will also learn from Danny Gregory, Roz Stendahl, Jane LaFazio, Prashant Miranda, and me.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mini sketchbook

It's cool. It's cute. It measure 6x8cm, and it's a tiny sketchbook.
The only downside is, it's so small, sometimes it hides in secret corners of my bag when I am looking for it.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Amsterdam Love

Have I ever said here on this blog how much I love Amsterdam?
Welll... a LOT! I am a city girl - I love to be able to step out of the door into the city buzz, but also that I know to find quiet places of the city. It's a small city, so it's quite common to run into people, like you do in small villages. The other day, I went for  run and almost bumped into my brother and my sister-in-law. It gave me a smile for the rest of my run.

The neighbourhood I live in, has great architecture, so just going for a stroll or a sketch outside nearby is a real treat.
These are two recent sketches I made during lunch breaks. Away from the computer and the home office, into sunny Amsterdam.

And what about all the bicycles in Amsterdam? Many people say it's the hardest thing to draw. But really, it's just shapes and lines in the end. I find it very meditative to sit down and peer at all those tangled shapes of the bunches bicycles that are randomly parked in Amsterdam. For the drawing below, I sat on a bench next to a herring vendor and his stall. I started out drawing my own bike, since I was sure nobody would remove it, then drew more bicycles in the background - sometimes I had to be quick, as the owner of one of the bicycles would unlock a bike and leave. But, as the herring vendor said, as he sat down next to me on the bench to chat and have a look at my drawing: "You could go on forever, they keep parking more and more bikes in front of you". True. It was a lovely sketchtime, and if I wouldn't have hd to leave for an appointment, I could have sat there for at least another hour. And buy a herring as a reward.
Of course I showed the herring vendor this drawing in my sketchbook:
'Lekker' means 'delicious'. 
His respond when seeing the drawing was: "Well that's a hundred percent solid". Glad we agreed.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Draw Tip Tuesday: Perspective

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!

In my online classes, I often get questions about drawing perspective.
Well of course it’s hard to explain in a few minutes here on Draw Tip Tuesday, but what I can do is show you a trick.

I hope you like this video!
If you want to learn more, have a look at my website: and join one of my classes today.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Excited about Sketchbook Skool!

I think it’s about time to spend more time doing what you love. You can make drawing a life habit!

In Sketchbook Skool, a growing community of artists from around the world gather in the virtual klassrooms to learn, get inspired, make and share awesome art, and to encourage each other. You get to hang out with the world's best sketchbook artists: In their inspiring video lessons, they teach about their techniques, approaches, and you will look over their shoulder as they fill their sketchbook pages in front of the camera.

I am so excited about the new semester coming up in October!
So to share my excitement, here's a video I made, in which I talk about Sketchbook Skool and why the three kourses we offer starting October: 'Beginnings', 'Seeing', and 'Storytelling', are so inkredibly kool.

Art for All. Let's go to Skool!
Don't miss out - go to and sign up today!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Draw Tip Tuesday - Flying Berries!

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!
Today I will show you a little trick, to use paint blobs as a basic shape for a fun drawing.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Self portrait

Had fun doing this self portrait.

After I finished it, I noticed that the face is a little too narrow and long than mine is, but hey, I don't mind. The whole process was relaxing and rewarding.

I used an HB pencil to make this. I fixed it with a spray and apparently, it hadn't dried completely when I painteda peach on the other side of the paper: The watercolours dissolved and were soaked into the paper before I could even finish a stroke with my brush. You can actually see it come trhough (pink-ish neck) in the portrait.
Lesson learned: won't do that again!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sketch crawling

Sketch crawling -I do it often. Or well, I just crawl somewhere and sketch, basically. But sometimes I meet up with others to sketch, chat, have coffee and awe over each other's sketchbook pages. I love those happenings; meeting other sketchers and enjoying comfortable silences in which we are all focused and drawing.
That's what happened last Saturday, with a bunch of participants of my online drawing course 'Just Draw It!' We spent a few hours together on a sunny/rainy/sunny  day inVondelpark in Amsterdam, and it felt like a holiday!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bicycles: An illustrated Farewell

Some vehicles can feel like friends. I’m sure you know someone who gave their car a name, or maybe you named your car too? It’s quite a common thing to do, for some people. I travelled around in Australia in a car called Lucy, for example. She was one trusty old station wagon, for sure. 
Well, here in Amsterdam, my trusty old hand-me-down bicycle has brought me to many places for years. Amsterdammers take the bicycle to get around in the city. Even when it rains, or it snows, we hop onto our steel steads to get from A to B. We even have bike flats in the city center, floating on the canals, to park our bikes and prevent the streets to be cluttered with steel. Doesn’t help: bicycles are parked everywhere anyway. 

I’ve portrayed my bike every now and then. Here's a recent post about it, if you're curious. And at some point it started to evolve. From my trusty bike to my rusty bike. 

Time to say goodbye. Because really, it was just not safe anymore to use it. Half falling apart, it wasn't worth fixing it anymore, it needed to be replaced.
But because it has been such a trusty companion, I drew it once more, and told its story by making notes around it, and lifting out details.
An illustrated farewell:

Speaking of stories... Just before the weekend, we launched the new kourse in Sketchbook Skool, and the theme is 'Storytelling'. Melanie Reim, Mattias Adolfsson, Jean-Christophe Defline, Veronica Lawlor, Danny Gregory and I will be teaching about how we visually tell stories in our art journals.
I am so excited about Sketchbook Skool, and the community of amazing artists that is growing, with each semester! We only started thinking of it in November 2013 and now we already developed this third kourse, and proud of it too!
The first lesson will be on October 3 and you can enroll on Just sayin'!

I decided to buy myself a brand new bicycle, and although we still need to become good friends, I drew the new bicycle at its first day in my posession.

I bring it with me into Amsterdam, or rather, it brings me! 
 And I am 'customizing' it, by adding cool stuff - like this basket on the front, to put transport things in; groceries or more fancy things like art tools!
 I'm sure there's more bicycle portraits to come!
What is your favorite vehicle for transportation? A car? Train? A scooter? A boat? Your feet? (I sure love drawing the pair of them, too!)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Draw Tip Tuesday - Lettering

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!
Today, let's do a little Lettering exercise.

Have fun doing this!

Yesterday, my online class Awesome Art Journaling started, and I am pumped by all the enthusiastic people in there, and the awesome art they are already posting. We'll also be doing some lettering in class. It's amazing how much energy the people in class can give!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Draw Tip Tuesday - Weapons of Mass Creation

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!
Even if you don't feel really inspired, you can always make art.
So if you need a little extra push to fill your art journal pages, come and join my online workshop Awesome Art Journaling, starting September 1.
It's $69 for 4 weeks of drawing fun full of tips, tricks, drawing prompts and the needed kick-in-the-butt! click here to join today!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Finding subjects to draw

Do you ver catch yourself saying 'I have nothing to draw'? Well here's a tip: look down! There's always something interesting to draw!
If you need more ideas, or even a little kick-in-the-butt to fill your art journal pages, you might like my 4-week online workshop Awesome Art Journaling. For $69 you can join a whole month of fun, starting September 1. Click here for more info.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Draw Tip Tuesday - (n)ice!

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!
Don't you just lurve getting snail mail? I send out way too little postcards, so for today's Video, I am crafting a summery postcard - while it's still summer here in the Netherlands.
Find yourself some cardboard to recycle and make awesome art!

With some simple shapes, combined with bright colours, you can make awesome art. If you need some help with it, check out my online drawing classes here. yesterday, my online workshop on drawing food and illustrating recipes has started, and you can still join. For more info, and to enroll the 4-week program for only $69, click here.

Monday, August 18, 2014

You have Good Taste

This may not exactly be news to you, but: Taste is something personal.

You like your coffee with soy milk, and maybe also a hint of vanilla? Well, I like it black. You like potato chips? I like peanuts. You like macarons? I’d rather have a piece of chocolate.
But who is to say which one actually tastes better? It’s your word against mine.
Same goes for art. Take Van Gogh - his paintings were hated by many, and the poor guy had to live like a bum while making art, so who would have thought back then that poor old Vincent would become one of the most famous artists of the world a long time after his death?
201407 coffeeTakeaway
There are no rules for taste. Or for making art. That’s why really, you shouldn’t worry about what others think about your art. Seriously. Wether that’s writing, painting, drawing, music, poetry… You are the one making the art, and if it’s not quite like the taste of anyone who feels the need to tell you so - well, just politely thank them for the advice and send them off to get you that Soy Latte or Skinny cappuccino or whatever else your poison may be.
How’s your taste for cooking, and food?
If you like food as much as I do, and if you also like to draw or doodle, then I’ve got something that might be fitting to your taste:
Today my online workshop 'Draw It Like It’s Hot’ is starting. This is a 4-week workshop, for $69, in which we doodle food (=foodle), draw kitchen utensils and illustrate our very own recipes. Sweet!
Maybe you can join us in this foodie-art challenge? It'll be lots of fun! You can read all about it and join by clicking here.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Draw your Breakfast

Sometimes in the morning, you are only half awake and just took your first sip of coffee, but then there's that moment that you realize you have something really pretty in front of you. So: sketch it!
Need some help with that? Not the breakfast, but the drawing of it, I mean. Check out my online class on drawing food and illustrating recipes. It's $69 for 4 weeks and it starts tomorrow!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Travel journal pages

Do you like traveling as much as I do? 
I am a lucky girl because I get to travel every so often now for Sketchbook Skool. I have been recording new video lessons for the third kourse of Sketchbook Skool! A bit tiring, and when you travel for work, you get to see less of course, but still: such adventures! Paris is so close to Amsterdam, I am asking myself why I haven't visited for almost 15 years. The fast speed train takes you to the heart of the city in just 3 hours time. And I was quite amazed about my French - it wasn't too bad, or well, I could make a little bit of conversation and could understand quite a bit.

Even though the schedule for the two days we had planned in Paris were very full, I managed to draw a little.

A few days later, I found myself in the middle of Stockholm. The old city is so very pretty, and there's sketch opportunities on every corner of the street (just like in paris).

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Draw Tip Tuesday - Sunny Side Up

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!
Today we're doing a quick food illustration - Sunny side up, or any way you like it.

Don't forget to sign up for my online workshop on drawing food and illustrating recipes today!

Draw It Like It's Hot starts this Monday. It's $69 and will run for 4 weeks, in which you draw your way towards an illustrated recipe, to be published on www.theydrawandcook, for the world to see!
For more info follow this link.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Drawing Bicycles

As a true Amsterdammer, I do everything by bicycle. I hardly ever take public transport to get from A to B in the city. Even when it rains, with a lot of wind, cold or even snow, I simply hop on my bike that's parked across the street. And yes, everywhere in Amsterdam, you see bicycles. They're parked everywhere. There are Bicycle racks for them, but there are just way many more bikes than there's space in the racks. If I 'have nothing to draw', there's always bicycles around to draw. A wonderful challenge, every time. 
Draw tip: don't draw the bicycle. Say what? Yes, that's right - don't think about the bicycle, its wheels, construction and frame. Look at the negative spaces that you see - it really helps to get the shapes in that way.

I am quite attached to my old hand-me-down bicycle, but it's almost falling apart and it needs replacement. But not before I portrayed it! (again: by drawing the negative spaces!)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Chocolate and Coloured pencils

Chocolate and coloured pencils. Can it get any better?

Are you a bit of a 'foodie', like I am? 
Maybe you would like to join my online class on drawing food and illustrating recipes
It's 4 weeks for $69 and there's a LOT of fun involved.
Have a peek here to find all info and enroll today.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Food and Travel

Next week, my online class 'Draw It Like It's Hot' is starting. And as you can see, I'm already warming up for it!

Last week, I made a quick visit to Stockholm. Such a nice city - I want to visit again and spend more time! Of course, traveling means a lot of adventure, also on your plate! (had some wonderful pickled herring there too, which I didn't draw - I think I would've drooled all over my sketchbook!)
The Turkish coffee, just the coffee cup in itself, makes me want to go to Istanbul. It's been on my list for a long time!
'Draw It Like it's Hot' runs for four weeks but lasts much longer. It's only $69 for the 4 weeks, in which I give you tips and tricks and teach you all about illustrating food. It's fun, and you'll end up creating your very own illustrated recipe.

Wanna join? Check out my website: