Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Draw Tip Tuesday: um yeah... Shades Of Grey

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!
Here's a fun tip to show you how many um... yeah, shades of grey you can draw.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Music to my ears - and eyes

Music can influence the way you draw. In a positive way.
The drawing below, was done while listening to this singer songwriter's performance, which was kind of intimate and relaxed. Everyone was silently sitting and listening closely, so I had a lot of life models to draw while enjoying the music:

At first I was kind of intrigued by the percussionist, playing 'the chair' (yes he was actually using a simple wooden chair and his brushes) but once the trio below got into their jazz improvisation, my pen started moving in their rhythm and it was wonderful a wonderful feeling. After drawing the Jazz combo, I looked around and noticed a lot of people in the audience were tapping their feet in the air, following the music. So I drew some of those moving feet:

At home, there's a lot of music every day. Even though the drawing below doesn't show any resemblance of my husband, this is a precious sketchbook spread, because it's a memory of a moment in the day where the both of us are doing what we love:

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Is it summer yet?

Okay I know, it's just spring since a few days - still I wonder: Is it summer yet? I'm so looking forward to have one of those Shakerato's on a warm day!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Draw Tip Tuesday - Sketchbooks!

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!

Today’s tip can help you to draw every day.
Here’s what I do: I always carry a small sketchbook with me. I keep it in my bag, and whenever I have a few minutes, or longer, I take it out and draw.

So there you have it. Go find yourself a small sketchbook and carry it with you so you can use it every day.

Want more sketchbook fun? Check out the classes you can take in Sketchbook Skool: www.sketchbookskool.com

Sunday, March 22, 2015

An illustrated recipes book - by me!

Many people have asked me when I will finally publish a book with my illustrated recipes. And I've often asked this question myself as well.
Publishing a book has been on my wish list for years, but I never got round to plan and do it.

Well... it's happening!

Salli Swindell and Nate Padavick, founders of TheyDrawAndCook, have asked if I would be interested to have a book of my very own recipes published by them. Of course I said yes.
stew 3

Brainstorm with me

Now, there's work to do, and I could use some help.
I need to come up with a short and fun title for the book, that fits my drawing style and recipes.
Have a look at my illustrated recipes by clicking here, and if you have any ideas for a short title, simply enter it in a comment below this post.

What's in it for you?

Amongst everyone who sends me ideas, I will pick 3 winners:
DILIH logo ws
1. First place winner: If you come up with a title that is perfect for the book, you will win a copy of the book once it's published, and free entrance to the next round of my online workshop 'Draw It Like It's Hot', which is all about drawing food and illustrating recipes.
2. Second place winner: you will win free entrance to the next round of my online workshop 'Draw It Like It's Hot', which is all about drawing food and illustrating recipes.
3. Third place winner: you will win a copy of the book once it's published.

I am looking forward to this brainstorm together.
You can find a collection of my illustrated recipes by clicking here, and if you have an idea for a short title that fits, please enter it in a comment below this post.
Thank you!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Journeys in your art journal

Traveling can feel like magic. You step into a plane or a train and a few hours later, you're in such different surroundings, and there can be so much to explore. Both while on the move and after arrival. But even without leaving, places like airports and train stations can be a fantastic place to hang around. On a Sunday afternoon, I sat down with sketch pal and while we chatted, we sketched. It really wasn't the other way around - we just had a lot of catching up to do.
While the hustle and bustle of people leaving and arriving went on one floor below,  I chose to draw part of the train station that felt a little bit like a museum. Silent, not much people in sight, and great architecture in sight:

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Draw Tip Tuesday - Fitting Your Handlettering In

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!
Today I chose one of my favourite quotes to write in and around the banner I drew last week. Fitting all letters in is a fun way to play around with shapes - writing is like drawing.

You know there's more where this comes from, so check out my website koosjekoene.nl to learn more!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Short drive becomes Roadtrip

Sometimes a short drive can feel like an exciting roadtrip. Just because you're enjoying the drive and perhaps the company you're in. And by drawing, you add a dimension to the whole experience. 
I made this wobbly drawing of the dashboard of our car in my tiniest sketchbook during a 30-minute drive.

I used a black rollerball pen and a grey brushpen. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Moment of Zen

Life can get seriously busy. To not loose your mind, you have to stop. Breathe. Relax. Drink a cup of calming tea.

That's exactly what I did when I made this drawing.
Planted at a table near the window so I could get some daylight in my eyes and soak up some energy, I started drawing some of the glasses on the bar, and grew the drawing from there, adding bits and pieces around it. Line by line, while drinking my tea with the fitting name 'Zen'. Sip by sip. It took me over an hour. People came in and left again. When someone was in my way because they were waiting to pay at the bar, I just concentrated on another detail that I could see. It was very satisfying, taking my time and absorbing the details, the chattering, the music (Stevie Wonder) that was played. When I look back at this page and the hatching lines in it, I feel the relaxing mood again.
I love it when that happens.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Draw Tip Tuesday: A Banner

Don’t you love the hand lettering you often see on blackboards, combined with fun banners?
In today's video, I will show you how to draw such a banner.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Travel Journal: In Transit

When you're traveling and you have a lot of hours to kill, you might as well enjoy the ride (or flight) and make a drawing of it.
I hope you liked my little blog series here on travel journaling. I loved sharing the drawings I made in Thailand in February and it brought back the wonderful layed-back attitude and feeling again.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Travel Journal: Studies

When on vacation, there is plenty of drawing time, and I love that! It gives me the opportunity to take the time to do elaborate drawings, but also to study. Trying out new techniques for example, or focusing on drawing things that may seem daunting to draw.

During my trip to Thailand in February, one morning I sat down after breakfast to have a very, very long look at the surf. Then I looked some more. And even more. I focused on the patterns the water made, the ripples, the waves, the foam and air bubbles, the swirls and movements of the water, the reflections and the transparency. The constant moving of the subject was very challenging, but I just got into the page and started drawing bits and pieces, focusing on the different aspects and trying to translate them onto the paper, discovering new things with each pen stroke and with each long stretch of looking at the sea. This whole process gave me a lot of insights and was very interesting.
Another thing I don't draw often: animals. I don't have pets, and even though I love looking at dogs and other animals - I hardly draw them because I don't seem to get the chance. Which basically means that I never take the chance to draw an animal.
In thailand, I got lucky because I found myself sitting close to sleeping cats a few times. A great opportunity to study and learn.
Even on lazy holidays, there's always room to study and learn.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Travel Journal: Beach Memories

Keeping a travel art journal has so many benefits. While drawing, you enjoy the moment so much more, your senses open up and you really look at your surroundings. It makes you appreciate the place, the moment, your time, and it makes you realize how lucky you are to be where you are.
Plus, you're creating a book of memories to never forget.
Seeing this drawing again brings me right back to the warm breeze on my skin, the sound of the wind through the palm tree leaves and the sound of the waves. 


After doing the drawing above, a lady who worked at the beach restaurant came over curiously and flipped through my sketchbook. Then she asked me to draw her. I felt challenged, I never did something like that on request, but I thought 'why not?' and gave it a go, next to a bunch of blind contour drawings I made of my husband earlier that day. 
The drawing doesn't look much like her, but it was a nice and intimate moment and a great way to connect with a local anyway. I asked her name, which was Tui, and then I asked her to write it on the drawing. Not my best drawing ever, but a wonderful memory.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Travel Journal: Drawing Vehicles

In last Monday's blogpost I shared my adventure on drawing fishing boats from the pier in a Thai marina. On that same pier, I sat again the next day, to draw one of the many tuk-tuks on the island. I found a place in the shade, with a good view on a parked tuk-tuk. There was a little terminal post I sat on. Not very comfortable, but it gave me the right point of view and perspective to draw all the details of the motorcycle and its awesome cart build around it.
Again, I found myself drawing for an hour or so (my butt was totally numb after that!), and every now and then someone would walk over to stand behind me for a while. looking over my shoulder. The last 15 or 20 minutes of the drawing, one man stood behind me to follow the process intensely and each time I looked up, he would give me a big smile and a thumb up. I don't speak Thai and he didn't speak much English either, so 'good' and 'thank you' were pretty much the words we exchanged.
After adding the last bit of colour, I told him it was finished and he wanted to take a picture of the final drawing with his mobile phone. After that, he thanked me and walked over to the tuk-tuk to drive off with it. I hadn't realized he had been waiting for me to finish the drawing. So I apologized and thanked him about a million times (I am glad I know how to do that in Thai!). It was really awfully kind of him, and I felt kind of bad for letting him wait and maybe miss out on clients! I felt relieved when 10 minutes later I walked by the tuk-tuk, parked in front of a house in town. it had a blanket over the motor so that indicated he was done for the day. The driver had been on his way home anyway and I believe he was proud that his tuk-tuk was being portrayed and it was worth a little bit of hanging around on the pier before heading home. Otherwise I'm sure he wouldn't have waited for me to finish the drawing, and just drive off anyway.

Later that day, I added a little layer of coloured pencil, to deepen the colours and add some more depth and contrast to the drawing. I left room for writing on the right side of the page and I might as well still write this story there.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Draw Tip Tuesday - golden oldies never really get old

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!
And ... it's Throw Back Tuesday here today.
Why? Because golden oldies never really get old. So here's a fun video for you that will hopefully ignite you into some experimenting yourself.

If you'd like to learn more, have a look on my website: koosjekoene.nl, and sign up for one of my classes today!

The workshop 'Draw It Like It's Hot', on drawing food and illustrating recipes has started just yesterday, so you can dive right in. Click here to enroll and start right away.

Or you could start a daily drawing habit during my online workshop 'Awesome Art Journaling'. Click here for more info and to enroll.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Travel Journal: Drawing Thai Boats

I still haven't shared all the drawings I made during my week in Thailand. Here's a drawing that took me over an hour and was an adventure from beginning to end.
Intrigued by all the colours of the Thai Fishermen's boats, I planted myself in the shade of the waiting area on the pier of the marina. Then, I took a good look first, to single out an area to draw. I chose this row of three boats and focused on those, so I would not get distracted by all the other colourful elements around them and in the background. Then I started drawing. Drawing all the lines and shapes (making a lot of use of negative spaces) was very interesting and challenging too, since the boats were floating and constantly moving a little bit, turning left and right, with the waves of the water. I just relaxed and whenever an element got out of view because of the swell of the sea, I just focused on another detail or shape, to get back to it later.
At some point when I was well into my drawing, a fisherman left with his boat that was on the right side of these three boats, so all three boats moved drastically towards the right, closer to the quay, and for a moment I was afraid that it would mess up the whole scene and my drawing, but all I needed to do, is move a little to the right so I had the same poit of view on the boats again.

Step by step, my drawing grew while I listened to the constant chatter and bustle around me on the pier. At some point I realized I had an audience: tuk-tuk drivers waiting for the next ferry to come in, were watching my drawing moves closely. When I looked around and up to them, they gave me encouraging thumbs up.
The moment I opened my travel watercolour box and waterbrush, I even heard a few 'ooh's' and 'aah's'.

As you can imagine, I was very proud when I finished the drawing and felt a great sense of accomplishment.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Drawing Portraits

I am lucky that my husband really doesn't mind when I draw him in a not-so-flattering way!

And also happy that, when I take my time, I can make drawings that do make a lot of sense.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blind contour drawings

I will be the first to admit that I like showing off cool drawings here on my blog. However, I don't mind sharing drawings that you might not hang on your wall, but are very important to make.

While I was in Thailand two weeks ago, I started a habit of doing a blind contour drawing every day. My husband was my willing victim for this. Doing blind contour drawings are fun quick exercises to train your eye-hand coordination. I am sharing all the drawings below, just because it's fun to see. And I actually see progressin accuracy.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Draw Tip Tuesday: Art Tools

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!

We all love our art tools, don’t we? I always carry an art journal and a sketch bag with me, and the contents of the bag change very often. This is what’s currently in it. And since they are so important to me, these art tools are totally worth drawing!

Pick up your favorite sketch tools and draw them too!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Drawing while travelling

Travelling! I love it. Being on the move, on your way to a place to explore. Even if the drive or flight is long - I enjoy it. Especially of course because I always bring a sketchbook.
After security control, the waiting area for the gate fills up with people. They sit, and read and hang around and have no place to go untuil the gate opens. A great moment to skjetch people who are minding their own businesses.

Plane seats give you a numb butt after a while. You don't have much leg space, nor privacy. If you're lucky, you sit next to someone who isn't too big and doesn't smell or make a lot of noise. Inspite of the tiny space tyou have, there's always room for a sketchbook on your lap.

Who cares if the boat rocks? Draw anyway! Once at the destination, you can get more into details again.