Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Draw Tip Tuesday - (n)ice!

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!
Don't you just lurve getting snail mail? I send out way too little postcards, so for today's Video, I am crafting a summery postcard - while it's still summer here in the Netherlands.
Find yourself some cardboard to recycle and make awesome art!

With some simple shapes, combined with bright colours, you can make awesome art. If you need some help with it, check out my online drawing classes here. yesterday, my online workshop on drawing food and illustrating recipes has started, and you can still join. For more info, and to enroll the 4-week program for only $69, click here.

Monday, August 18, 2014

You have Good Taste

This may not exactly be news to you, but: Taste is something personal.

You like your coffee with soy milk, and maybe also a hint of vanilla? Well, I like it black. You like potato chips? I like peanuts. You like macarons? I’d rather have a piece of chocolate.
But who is to say which one actually tastes better? It’s your word against mine.
Same goes for art. Take Van Gogh - his paintings were hated by many, and the poor guy had to live like a bum while making art, so who would have thought back then that poor old Vincent would become one of the most famous artists of the world a long time after his death?
201407 coffeeTakeaway
There are no rules for taste. Or for making art. That’s why really, you shouldn’t worry about what others think about your art. Seriously. Wether that’s writing, painting, drawing, music, poetry… You are the one making the art, and if it’s not quite like the taste of anyone who feels the need to tell you so - well, just politely thank them for the advice and send them off to get you that Soy Latte or Skinny cappuccino or whatever else your poison may be.
How’s your taste for cooking, and food?
If you like food as much as I do, and if you also like to draw or doodle, then I’ve got something that might be fitting to your taste:
Today my online workshop 'Draw It Like It’s Hot’ is starting. This is a 4-week workshop, for $69, in which we doodle food (=foodle), draw kitchen utensils and illustrate our very own recipes. Sweet!
Maybe you can join us in this foodie-art challenge? It'll be lots of fun! You can read all about it and join by clicking here.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Draw your Breakfast

Sometimes in the morning, you are only half awake and just took your first sip of coffee, but then there's that moment that you realize you have something really pretty in front of you. So: sketch it!
Need some help with that? Not the breakfast, but the drawing of it, I mean. Check out my online class on drawing food and illustrating recipes. It's $69 for 4 weeks and it starts tomorrow!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Travel journal pages

Do you like traveling as much as I do? 
I am a lucky girl because I get to travel every so often now for Sketchbook Skool. I have been recording new video lessons for the third kourse of Sketchbook Skool! A bit tiring, and when you travel for work, you get to see less of course, but still: such adventures! Paris is so close to Amsterdam, I am asking myself why I haven't visited for almost 15 years. The fast speed train takes you to the heart of the city in just 3 hours time. And I was quite amazed about my French - it wasn't too bad, or well, I could make a little bit of conversation and could understand quite a bit.

Even though the schedule for the two days we had planned in Paris were very full, I managed to draw a little.

A few days later, I found myself in the middle of Stockholm. The old city is so very pretty, and there's sketch opportunities on every corner of the street (just like in paris).

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Draw Tip Tuesday - Sunny Side Up

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!
Today we're doing a quick food illustration - Sunny side up, or any way you like it.

Don't forget to sign up for my online workshop on drawing food and illustrating recipes today!

Draw It Like It's Hot starts this Monday. It's $69 and will run for 4 weeks, in which you draw your way towards an illustrated recipe, to be published on www.theydrawandcook, for the world to see!
For more info follow this link.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Drawing Bicycles

As a true Amsterdammer, I do everything by bicycle. I hardly ever take public transport to get from A to B in the city. Even when it rains, with a lot of wind, cold or even snow, I simply hop on my bike that's parked across the street. And yes, everywhere in Amsterdam, you see bicycles. They're parked everywhere. There are Bicycle racks for them, but there are just way many more bikes than there's space in the racks. If I 'have nothing to draw', there's always bicycles around to draw. A wonderful challenge, every time. 
Draw tip: don't draw the bicycle. Say what? Yes, that's right - don't think about the bicycle, its wheels, construction and frame. Look at the negative spaces that you see - it really helps to get the shapes in that way.

I am quite attached to my old hand-me-down bicycle, but it's almost falling apart and it needs replacement. But not before I portrayed it! (again: by drawing the negative spaces!)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Chocolate and Coloured pencils

Chocolate and coloured pencils. Can it get any better?

Are you a bit of a 'foodie', like I am? 
Maybe you would like to join my online class on drawing food and illustrating recipes
It's 4 weeks for $69 and there's a LOT of fun involved.
Have a peek here to find all info and enroll today.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Food and Travel

Next week, my online class 'Draw It Like It's Hot' is starting. And as you can see, I'm already warming up for it!

Last week, I made a quick visit to Stockholm. Such a nice city - I want to visit again and spend more time! Of course, traveling means a lot of adventure, also on your plate! (had some wonderful pickled herring there too, which I didn't draw - I think I would've drooled all over my sketchbook!)
The Turkish coffee, just the coffee cup in itself, makes me want to go to Istanbul. It's been on my list for a long time!
'Draw It Like it's Hot' runs for four weeks but lasts much longer. It's only $69 for the 4 weeks, in which I give you tips and tricks and teach you all about illustrating food. It's fun, and you'll end up creating your very own illustrated recipe.

Wanna join? Check out my website: www.koosjekoene.nl.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Draw Tip Tuesday: watercolor values

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!
Last week I drew lemons, let's paint a lime today!
Like drawing values by hatching and cross hatching, you can paint gradations when using watercolors too. i'm showing you how in today's video.
Would you like to learn more about drawing values and colours? Hop into my online drawing course 'Just Draw It!': 5 weeks of drawing fun for only $99.
It started just yesterday so you're right in time to join now.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Key to Success

Now did you really think I could give you the key to success, when you read the title of this blogpost? I sure hope not!
There is something I can tell you about drawing though... patience, practice and perseverence are key.
So may times I start drawing and halfway through the drawing I think: 'what did I get myself into??'. Then I push through, because I know quitting is NOT an option. And by doing so, I work my way towards the reward: a finished drawing.

I can tell you much more about drawing, in fact, I can give you a lot of tips, show you techniques and give you personal feedback on your drawings and progress, in my 5-week online drawing course 'Just Draw It!'
It starts tomorrow and for only $99 you can join me today!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Bunch

It's true: I love flowers, they are a luxury item that is easy to get here in the Netherlands and they make the house feel alive, fresh and cheerful. But a bunch of carrots, or radishes, or well, any other kind of vegetable makes me just as happy, as they are so interesting to draw!
Looking forward to get more colour pencil drawings done during my upcoming online drawing course 'Just Draw It!', starting next Monday.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Draw Tip Tuesday - Life giving Lemons?

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday! All you need is a black piece of paper and two color pencils to create some awesome art - blackboard style!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sketching outside in Amsterdam

Summer is the best time in Amsterdam. When it's sunny, there's a wonderful buzz in town and so much to do and to see. You can choose to go to crowded places in the centre, or choose a quiet terrace and sit in the shade, look at the people passing by, the traffic and to listen to the bits of chatter around you. 
So that's what I do. I feel lucky and blessed to live in such a versatile city and to be able to enjoy it so much.

Friday, July 25, 2014

A Sketchbook Exchange Project

A bunch of people who participated in my Awesome Art Journaling Class, started a Sketchbook exchange project. They made a list of people who participate, we all bought a small journal, filled a page and sent it to the next person on the list. When receiving someone's sketchbook, we fill a page and send it, and again and so on. This is one of the pages I filled - in the traveling sketchbook which will end up back at the owner who lives in Italy, and I know she's a coffee lover, like I am. Pretty obvious what to do with a page in her journal then:

This is another one I did for this project:

It will take while before I receive my filled sketchbook, but I am very curious and excited that it will be filled with art from all over the world!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Amsterdam Sketches

Last Saturday, I met up with my drawing buddy Yvonne. We brought the husbands along - mine played the banjo, hers played with the kids. It was a very warm and humid day, but we sat in the shadows of the trees alongside of a water playground.
It felt like a holiday. In the jungle. An Urban Jungle, that is.

On Saturday 12 July, The World Wide Sketch Crawl took place on... um, yes, as the title implies, many places around the world. In Amsterdam, we gathered with a wonderful group of about 30 people to have a 9 to 6 sketching day.

To kick the morning off I sketched Amsterdam's largest Chinese Restaurant, Sea Palace. It is a boat with three floors. They have great dim sum by the way. Not that I had any that morning.
Then we fuelled up with coffee and a bite to eat at a cafe with a great peaceful terrace. On the right there,  you can see the concentrated way we all worked in, by just looking at the slightly hunched shoulders of Joke, who is a student in Sketchbook Skool and came over for a few hours of sketching with her husband and their 2-year-old daughter.

Joke and I looking at each other's sketchbook pages
We moved to the science Museum, which is in the harbour, and I sat down to draw the historical boats.

Great group of Amsterdam sketchers!
Sketchbook Skool students Frans and Alexa (she came all the way from Cologne, Germany to join us!) are comparing Skool homework

After taking a break to awe at each other's sketchbook pages and make a group photo we walked to the park, to join a hippie-like small festival, where everyone was invited to bring their instruments to jam, and their art supplies to make some art. So that's what we did, we made some more art. After a bite to eat, sitting in the grass and chatting to the other sketchcrawlers, I made this last sketch before heading home.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Draw Tip Tuesday - Rubber stamps!

Is your handlettering not pretty enough to your taste? Be smart! Use stamps for lettering and spice the letters up.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Are you ready to fail?

Do you ever feel that feeling of resistance to start something new or difficult? Do you ever fear failure? And more importantly: do you let the fear stop you doing it anyway?
Here's something I learned in the past years: if you're not failing every once in a while, you're not trying hard enough.
This works on many levels. But I'm not here to give you life lessons, and I certainly don't feel experienced enough to do so. But I do know this:
You like drawing and sketching? But maybe you feel intimidated by other people's art, or even by a blank page on which you don't know how to start. You feel fear. Fear that the drawing you make will come out wonky. Fear that you will be unhappy with the result of your efforts. Fear of disappointing yourself.
Do you let the fear hold you back from doing it anyway?
What is worse: 1)feeling frustrated because you're not trying, or 2)making a drawing that doesn't turn out as quite the masterpiece you want it to be?
Here's one of my favorite quotes, by Victor Kiam:
"Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward".
I think that hits the nail right on its head.
20140701 strawberries
If I would have followed my fears instead of following my heart, I would never have started my first online drawing course, 'Just Draw It.' or any of the online classes that followed. Yes, I encountered quite some failures along the way, but I learned from my mistakes and moved on. And then, the stumbling forward became a confident walk. Or at least, I feel proud every time when participants tell me about their aha-moments and when I see their progress during the 5 weeks of the course.
This is what Christel says about Just Draw It: "These five last weeks, I have tried several techniques that I would not have tried on my own. I like the way you approach each new subject, building up our skills step by step. You make complicated subjects simple and fun! And I loved the atmosphere in the class. "
Barbara's exercise page during the lesson 'Colours' in Just Draw It.
This is what Barbara says: "I expected to gain some fundamental drawing techniques. I did, but I gained so much more! Your lessons were clear and well-structured, and included just enough difficulty to stretch my drawing "muscles". But your greatest strength is in the conscientious way you followed up with every posting and every question, guiding each student to develop his/her understanding, and individual style. In addition, you facilitated the camaraderie of a lovely, supportive group of classmates which made the experience even more rewarding. This combination of teacher and classmates has enabled confidence in my abilities, a confidence that had previously eluded me. I am now finally using those art materials I'd stockpiled, and I'm no longer afraid to practice, practice, practice (with patience and perseverance, of course)"
When you're developing a (new) skill, you make mistakes. Or, as Bob Ross used to call them: 'Happy accidents'. Then you look at them, and learn from them. Next time, instead of fearing that failure, you tackle it and go forward. You make it a failure-feast and in the end, you gained lots of new skills and experience. Not to mention, the whole adventure you went through.
So, here's a question for you: Are you ready to go and fail at something?
Check out my online course 'Just Draw It' by clicking here. It starts August 4 and runs for five weeks. You can join and I'll be guiding you through those weeks for just $99.
I hope to see you in class!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WorldWide SketchCrawl this Saturday

This Saturday, July12, along with Amsterdam Urban Sketcher Dudley Svendsgaard, I will be hosting a Sketchcrawl in Amsterdam.
Are you in or around Amsterdam? Wanna join? Here's where you can find all the details and let us know you'll be joining:
We're gonna have a drawing marathon!

If you're in another part of the globe, have a look here, to find a Sketchcrawl to join near you: http://www.sketchcrawl.com/
(Click 'forum' at the top of the page, and then in the search field, fill in the name of your city or town.)

So this is what the program for the day will look like in Amsterdam:
Morning - for the hardcore marthon sketchers:
9:00AM we're warming up outside the Central Amsterdam Public Library
11:00AM at Hanneke's Boom, we'll hang out and have a cup of coffee (or two), and meanwhile: sketch!
12:30 Meeting Point: Nemo Science Center, at the Water wheel outside the entrance. We can scatter around and draw the harbour, the boats, people, climb on top of the Nemo Building and draw the view...
15:00 Meet back up with each other at the cafe on Nemo's roof. We can awe at each other's sketchbook pages and fuel up.
15:30 We take a bus (or you can take your bike) to The Animal Festival in Flevopark (https://www.facebook.com/events/668369853255245/). At this festival there's a lot of art going on: live music and drawing and painting. You can bring a blanket and a bite to eat as well. And do a picnic sketch.
18:00 We'll figure out a meeting point to share our sketches and then hit home, or for the ones who can't stop, sketch on!

What if it rains? Come anyway, we'll figure something out!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Draw Tip Tuesday: Handlettering

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!
Here's a quick way to do Handlettering
Do you like my Draw Tip Tuesday Videos? You may be interested in more then: Head on over to my website, koosjekoene.nl to find out about the classes that I teach!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Today's Recipe

This is a perfect recipe for a comforting but quick dinner. I prefer to eat it with a tomato salad or a green salad on the side. I've submitted it to www.theydrawandcook.com. You can find more of my recipes there by following this link.
This week, the participants of my online class on drawing food and illustrating recipes have been working on some wonderful recipes as well, as their final assignment. Would you like to do that too?
During the workshop, I help you through the fun process from doodle to final recipe, and you can submit yours to They Draw And Cook as well! Curious? It's $69 and starts August 18. Find out more here