TDAC pea soup

A few weeks ago I didn't feel like doing any groceries so I just went through the kitchen drawers, kitchen closets, freezer and fridge, and even my balcony (that's where the fresh herbs are to be found). Then I came up with a soup that was green and fresh with a mild spicy bite.
Of course I had to make this into a drawing for They Draw And Cook. and here it is!

I'm very proud of my recipe and the illustration I made.
And what it makes even more fun: my featured collection will post on June 18th on the website!
As I have only two followers* yet, of which one is Salli from TADC, I bet it's ok to proudly reveal this news already on my blog today...
*thank you for showing interest in my blog and for your feedback every now and then!

Peas, Yo.

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