The Sketchbook Project, the real thing 3

Here is a new update on my progress for The Sketchbook Project. I'm pretty excited by it actually, because it's becoming a real storybook.

I need your help though... What could the title of this story be? I was thinking of 'Millies Monsters', but perhaps that's a bit too simple or easy.
The theme of the sketchbook is 'fill me with stories'. Any idea or suggestion for the title is very welcome! After all, this is also the way how Millie got her name, thanks to Timothy Hodge!
So... if you have any suggestions: leave a comment below!

If you'd like to see the first pages of the sketchbook, you'll find them here and here.

page 12-13

page 14-15

page 16-17
The Sketchbook Project 2012 World Tour

The Sketchbook Project is a constantly evolving library of artists' sketchbooks from across the globe.

This year thousands of sketchbooks will be exhibited at art spaces in 14 cities. After the tour, they will join the collection of the Brooklyn Art Library and made available to the public seven days a week.
All books must be postmarked by Jan. 31st.

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