The year of the dragon, linoprint

It's The year of the dragon in Chinese astrology, so on the first day of this year, while recovering of the party we organized the night before, I decided to make a lino. Here's the result.

printed on white drawing paper, and below on brownish sketching paper printed area 15x21cm


I started sketching and soon 'found my dragon

Then I drew it on a piece of lino

when I finished cutting out the dragon in the lino, I started printing right away. I didn't think about it being mirrored when printed, so I had to take out the '2012' bit that I cut out the wrong way (is going to bed early in the morning after a new year's eve party a good excuse for not thinking things through?). Actually, now itt's even better because I could print '2012' apart from the rest and also print a 'plain' dragon without the digits in it.

Today I made more prints, with colour printed backgrounds. They are drying as we speak.

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