An afternoon of cooking and drawing with my nephew

Yesterday my 7 year old nephew came over to bake brownies with me. It's always fun to cook with him, and baking nrownies together might become a tradition between the two of us. He loves the brownies so much, he even wrote down the recipe in his school exercise book. His mom made a photo of it. The only thing he forgot, was the butter :)

While the brownies were in the oven, and the rest of the afternoon as well, we had a real fun drawing session together. He was wearing his 'cooking pirate' apron, so I made a Drawing of him and we colored it in together. It was so much fun.

on the left you can see part of the apron
the result of our creative effort

After his mom and dad picked him up again, 
I made another drawing in my sketchbook journal

My nephew also made some drawings 
By the way, he told me that he wants to be a tram conductor or a 'painterer' when he growns up.
He made a few other drawings, and as an example for those, he used some small paintings I made a few years ago. I think his versions are way nicer!
I just love the freedom of creating that kids have.

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