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This morning when I was on my way to work, my (usually very reliable) bycicle suddenly broke down. Lots of spokes got loose suddenly, and they were sticking out of the wheel and all over the place. 

This meant I needed to take public transport (tram and subway) to get to work. I don't like to use public transport during rush hour but there IS one thing about it that I DO like: watching people and make quick sketches of them.
So I was very glad I had these two life savers in my bag:

A tiny Moleskine notebook and a multi color Bic-pen.
Both are presents from friends. I've been carrying the pen (and another one too, with brighter colors) around in my bag since my friend gave it to me last june. I use it a lot. The notebook is quite new. I met an online friend in real life for the first time a few weeks ago (along with another online friend, with whom I did an art swop on the spot - and that meeting was an awesome experience by the way!) and she brought me the notebook. I loved it that she brought such a thoughtful and fitting little present, and at first I just left it on my desk, looking at it to find the right purpose for it. As I always carry a notebook with me, finally I decided to replace the rather large notebook with this one, for quick sketches and sudden ideas. 
The first pages are filled now, thanks to missing a train last week (and waiting) and taking the public transport today. Yay!

The friend who gave me the pen is a wonderful artist herself: she's an amazing photographer, have a look at her website:

My newly made friends online and in real life (I met them through the e-course: Creative Courage) both have a blog. 
Nicole has a real nice foodblog:
Yvonne makes beautiful paintings and drawings and is an excellent writer:

Have fun!

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