The Versatile Blogger Award!

While I was away, I received an award! It's the Versatile Blogger award and I got it from Anoeska. Thank you so much!

Now Finally, I found the time to admire my award :) and to actually pay it forward.

Now here are the rules, and what I have to do.
1.Add the award to your blog.
2.Thank the blogger(s) who gave it to you.
3.Mention 7 random things about yourself.
4.List the rules.
5.Award to 15 bloggers.
6.Inform each of the 15 by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 random things, huh? Well here they are:

-I am a big fan of coffee, but I'm really picky. Only the best and fresh beans for this coffee snob.
-I drink (a lot!) of herbal tea too.That's probably why I'm so Zen.
-I like pigs. Very much. Because they're so cute. And so smart. And they taste good. and i don't even feel bad about that last bit.
-It often bugs me that there's only 7 days in a week, and only 24 hours in a day. Oh, and only 2 days in a weekend. Sheesh!
-For me, he best shop to be in is the art supply shop.
-I hate it when people in public transport want to get in, before letting other people get out.
-I can watch a movie I've already seen, without realizing that I have. I will deny the comments "yes, you've seen it, I was there with you" with all sorts of "now way!"s and "that must have been someone else!" for the first hour and then slowly some images start to trickle back into my memory. I always admit it though. Isn't that weird, for someone who's so visually focussed?

I believe that was quite random. 
Now I've got some work to do tonight and inform the following 15 bloggers about the award I'm giving them (this is fun!):

Esther Wilson -
Paula Pertile -
Jodi Wiley-
Gemma Correl -
Vesle Serena -
Page Keiser -
Nelleke verhoeff -
Kirsten Powers -
Nancy Gronholm -
Angela Pascale -
Timothy Hodge -
Rae Padulo - 
Sharon Rohloff -
Bill Jaynes -
Sue Pownall-