Although I thought I was charged up completely after a two-week-vacation (which seemed wonderfully endless), the flu decided to settle comfortably into my body. Starting with a very painful throat, then lots of sneezing, nose got blocked, my head felt like it would explode and I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my face. Cold shivers, sweaty flushes and weird feverish dreams: it was all there. I hadn't had the flu for years and years... The only thing to do is lie down and sweat it off.
I'm glad I have my Ipod filled with audiobooks, Ian McEwans 'Atonement' helped me through the worst part.
Thankfully the worst part, the fever, didn't last for too long and I am recovering now :)

Enough of the babbling. When I got out of bed and onto the couch, I even managed to make a few drawings.

paper tissues all around me...

trying to relieve the throat a bit

Staying warm under a blanket on the couch, sketchbook in my lap

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