Illustration Friday - shades

The topic for illustration friday is 'shades'. Can you find them? Or is it too obvious perhaps? Anyway, I like this drawing a lot, it was fun to doodle the small details and I like the style! Sometimes I am surprised by how effortlessly a drawing can come into existance.
What started out as a doodle on the cover of one of my sketchbooks, resulted in a beautiful cover. It was inspired by the black and white drawing below. The brown color of the cover makes a wonderful contrast with the white details and I finished it off with some color on cheeks and lips.

It sort of absorbed me. At first I made the drawing in pencil, but unfortunately for the progress pics, I didn't scan that fase.

I made this drawing first before I made the one above...
...and then colored it digitaly, but in the end, I like the black pen-version better.

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