More Sketches made in Vietnam

On the road: During the 4 hour drive to the Mekong Delta I enjoyed looking at the many motorcycles on the road! Unfortunately didn't take my sketchbook with me (it was in the back of the car), but inspite of the bumpy ride I managed to make two sketches on an envelope that I found in my bag. It's remarkable how the busy roads aren't chaotic. All the motorcycles and cars just flow by not driving to fast and by beeping their horns very often ('watch out, I'm right behind you'). I learned to cross the street very relaxed, not changing your pace, and let the motorcycles flow around you like the water around a fish. it actually works surprisingly well and safe!

Sketching my feet while on the boat in the Mekong River, March 1

Sitting in de shadow of a coconut tree at Hon tam island, March 6

Quick sketch of a dragon statue while waiting for the boat from Hon Tam island to Nha Trang, March 6

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