Vietnam faces

Did I tell you that I love travelling? Well, I really do. And in the last decade I've developed a special kind of love for Southeast Asia. I've visited Thailand a several times and every time I saw a whole different side of the country. If you go off the beaten track you'll find so much more than the touristy surface! I've also visited Laos and last year we went to Malaysia. Not just the people in Southeast Asia, the landscapes, the culture and the weather are important. It's their kitchen too. Lots of hot and spicy food, from curry's to tangy soups and fresh bbq fish to toecurling spicy hot and sour salads with green papaya... I could go on forever about this. Which I won't. And then I didn't even mention the beautiful and endless variety of tropical fruits, the iced coffees and teas and well, above all: the street food!

Vietnam was on the travel wishlist and we chose it for our vacation this year. Me and my sweetheart love to go on a holiday in winter. This way we can skip either christmas or the depression weeks of februari.

I don't know where to start. Vietnam is a beautiful country with wonderful people and landscapes. And the vietnamese kitchen has so much variation and can be a surprising mix of Southeast Asia, France, China and all sorts of new western influences. You can see this in the architecture as well, and in the different religions and their churches and pagodas. I've only seen a fraction of the country of course. We travelled to Saigon, then to the Mekong delta, after that we went to Nha Trang for some relaxing and swimming in the ocean. Vietnam is not off my travelling wishes list: I'd like to see the north and highlands too!

Now that I'm writing this down I almost feel like I should show you all sorts of watercolor drawings and paintings of the surroundings... well sorry, I didn't make any. I never do actually. What I love doing though (anywhere in the world), is drawing people. Drawing faces. So here you go - some Vietnam faces from my sketchbook!

iI drew this page on the first day in Saigon!

Drawing faces is easiest when sitting down with a cool drink in front of you. Somehow it feels a bit undercover this way. Most faces are looking down (on phone, laptop, menu or food) and on the top you can see someone sipping his tropical fruit smoothie :)

This page was made in the beautiful 'Ciao Cafe' in Saigon on women's day.

I love this page! I especially like the girl on the right with the pony tail and her sunglasses in her hair. It was very, very hot in Saigon and we went for a cool drink and cool off in the aircon. It was around lunchtime in a coffee place busy with locals and tourists.

On the last day in Saigon, just before leaving for the airport, we sat down at 'Highlands Coffee' under a parasol and waterspraing fan. i was happy to see so many different people there: business men, girls looking like they walked out of an asian glossy magazine, couples, hipsters, old, young... so I filled this page.

okay - these are not faces, but here I was trying to quickly capture postures and movements of tourists walking by on a busy crossing in Saigon. I was sitting in an airconditioned coffee place, on the 2nd floor, looking down on all those overheated tourists trying to find their way through traffic and on the map. I had to work quickly as they passed by, so this was a good excercise. The only two I really like on this page are the ones on the top left.

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