Thank you Arthouse Coop

Thank you, Art House Coop! The opening show of The Sketchbook Project: 2012 World Tour in Brooklyn was exactly the right excuse to finally go to new York city, which has been on my wish list for quite a while. My trip to New York (see photos on my facebook page) was really wonderful. Although it was just 5 days, it felt like an endless adventure. Oh, how I love travelling! The opening show was great, I met some very nice people there and got inspired by all the artistically filled sketchbooks. If the show will be anywhere close to you, I highly recommend to go. 
If you'd also like to join in a creative project, I'd recommend to have a look on the Arthouse Coop website
You can find the tour dates for the show here.
You can watch my short video about this here.
And you can buy a copy of my sketchbook Millies Marvelous Monsters!! here.

Here's an impression on the opening night and the art library in Brooklyn.

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