Winners of the give away!

I'm so happy with every single comment and story that came in for the contest. Thank you all very much for participating with such enthusiasm!

It was hard to choose, because all stories were really good, it just doesn't seem fair. But I did manage to pick 5 lucky winners! I based my choice on goosebumps, the creeps and giggles, so here they are!

- Maurien Swiertz wins a copy of Millies Marvelous Monsters!
She had me already when she started about the haunted path she used to make in the backyard with her friends. There she once got really creeped out by a friend who unexpectedly jumped out of the coffin (!) they had. Oh boy, that would've given me the creeps!

The hand drawn postcards will be sent out from New York to:

- Naomi , for her story about a lion living in the drain. When the plug was pulled, it would roar and climb out of the plug-hole to eat little girls! She still can't stay in the bath after the plug is pulled...

- Yvonne ,who got the creeps of the movement she could see through the little window in the door to the room where her grandmother had died... Scary! Even if you know it was just from the tree branches in the back yard.

- Michele (Mit), for the story about a doll's head on a stick, with one eye poked out, hair cut off and smeared with mud. It was named "Homely". Need I say more?

- Anoeska was told that she broke her father's back after jumping onto him as a little girl. He made her believe it for 2 hours! That's just too mean.

Congratulations to all winners!
And thank you so much for joining.

If you're not one of the lucky winners, you can also buy a copy of the book right here

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