An afternoon of outside drawing in Amsterdam

Yesterday my friend Yvonne and I met up in Amsterdam to draw outside together. We were lucky: after some rainy and grey days the weather was beautiful. We sat in the sun, chatting and drawing and painting. It was awesome to finally be creating together, and to see how she creates her beautiful watercolour paintings and drawings. She let me use her carbon ink filled brushpen and I loved working with it. She inspired me to take my watercolour set outside.The drawings took me way longer than usually when I use a pencil or pen (the extra time it took me might also have to do with the chatting we did while drawing :)) but I like the result of the drawing I made of this typical Amsterdam housefront. Stepping out of your comfort zone and picking up a different medium to work with can give surprising results! 
So here's my Yvonne-inspired piece:

Then I took up some more courage and decided to make another drawing, using only watercolours and without making an ink outline first. I chose to draw a houseboat that was in the canal in front of us. It's a nice experiment, but I didn't know how much detail to pick up and the result is a bit stiff and definitely not my best sketch or drawing ever. But it was very nice to try out something different!

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