Last week I screenprinted a stack of birth cards with a friend and for a friend who just became a mom. It worked out very well. I made the design after some brainstorming with my friend. She and her husband wanted to keep it simple but colourful, with a touch of nostalgia. I made the designs in black because we had already decided we were going to be screenprinting the cards by hand using one bright colour ink on a bright coloured card.

these are the first designs for the nostalgic look

It looked like these 3 images would be part of the design. The name would be printed large, right above, but than the baby came early...
The baby was early and he was born on our national holiday queensday, so the parents decided they wanted to refer to that on the card. I made it look a bit festive by adding small flags, and we decided to give the puppet a crown.
When adding the text ('geboren' means 'born') and date, I decided it looked much better to choose for only the image of the puppet. Isn't that what they call 'to kill your darlings'?
The parents were super happy with the design so I started preparing the screen for printing. First added a few layers of light sensitive emulsion that took ages to dry because it was warm and humid when I put them to dry.
When the film on the screen was finally dried, I exposed my design on it in direct sunlight for 4 minutes and I was very happy to see it appear on the screen when washing the none-exposed emulsion off. The screen was ready to use after it was dry again. I didn't make any progress pics, but will do this next time, now that I know the steps to take.

We duckt taped the screen to a wood plank on one side so it was hinged.

 For pressing the paint through I use a rubber thing that's normally used for pointing or flushing? Not sure what the English word is. My friend and I were a great team: I did the printing, she placed the cards neatly in their place one by one and took them away from under the screen after printing. 


It was so much fun to do, and I'm so proud. I'll do more screenprinting soon, because I have the emulsion mixed and ready, and I need to use it, otherwise it'll expire. Then I'll take some pics of the whole process. I found all the info that I could find online on how to DIY screenprinting very helpful.

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