Drawing on Global Sketchbook Project Day

Today is Global Sketchbook Project Day. We can draw together and work on our sketchbook anywhere in the world, and anyone can join. How cool is that?
If you want to see how it worked out in Amsterdam you can have a look on my Facebook page. And while you're at it... 'like' me there!

After the meet-up I went on drawing, because I had to finish some homework for Pikaland artist bootcamp 'Making Your Mark'
For this week's assignment we needed to draw (in different styles) a chair that would kind of represent our characters. These are the results for my chair

When we moved into a bigger apartment about 3 years ago, we needed some extra furniture to fit in there. We invested in buying 6 beautiful and comfortable dining table chairs with a tube frame and covered with corduroy - each chair a different colour. I've loved the design of these chairs forever. Originally the design is from the Dutch designer Willem Hendrik Gispen. He made beautiful designs from the 1920's to the 1980's. to buy 6 chairs from his design would be way too large of an investment, so we chose wonderful second hand chairs from the Belgian brand Tubax. Close enough!
The chair is elegant, comfortable, flexible and strong, reliable, durable, timeless and colorful and could match many different interiors. Well... would that be me? I guess at least part of it is a match!

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