Sketching can be done anywhere. I love sketching in public. Doing quick drawings of people. It's a great way to train in drawing quickly and getting the posture, clothing or hair right in just a few lines. I always carry a small moleskine with me so I'm able to draw and train anywhere, anytme. especially when waiting for something, even just a few minutes, the small sketchbook comes in very handy.
Then again, it can also be so nice to take more time to draw in public and pay more attention to details. And better yet: to do this with others! That's why I'm organizing the SketchCrawl on juli 14 in Amsterdam! Care to join? Please do!! Go here for details and to RSVP. While you're at it, you can 'like' me on Facebook!
The SketchCrawl is originally initiated by Enrico Casarosa and is organized in different cities all over the world.