another me

I am really trying to master the skills of capturing a face. Luckily enough I have my own personal model for this 24/7: me.
I found out it's easier to take a picture and take that for reference, instead of using a mirror. A picture is already in 2D, so it's less hard to translate onto paper. But still.
trying out a new sort of paper, didn't work very well, although I like the 'ghostly image. It's not quite 'me' yet, and the right eye is out of proportion.

an extra challenge: strange expression. The proportions aren't righ, because I was focussing on the lights and shadows and kind of forgot about the forehead on the left side. Also, for the photo I used a wide angle. Not good when you want your proportions to be right

I love how this one worked out, with the shadows, the smile around the mouth and in the eyes. But: It's not me. The nose is too big this time, as well as the mouth. And it's really hard to get the eyes in the right proportions. Although certain features are spot on. Could be my sister. If I had one.

Like this eye. This really looks like mine. I'm proud.

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