Selfportraits: well, as you can see, these are all different people. Still, I tried to draw myself. I guess I still need to keep practicing and really take my time! (like the best portrait I did so far, it took me a few hours all together) By the time I've mastered the skills of drawing my own portrait, I've actually collected a whole 'family album' with drawings of non- excisting sisters and nieces, haha!

The left one is done using a photo for reference and it doesn't look like me at all. the middle one is done holding a small mirror in my left hand and drawing with my right hand. Obviously I held the mirror too close to my face, hence the crossed eyes! Hey, I don't mind showing you the results of my unsuccesfull attempts :) However, the chin and mouth are pretty good. The right one is done from a mirror I set up in front of me. The head is too round but overall the features are a bit closer to my own. Of course, challenging myself by wanting to draw a smiling face, didn't make it any easier... It felt kind of silly too, smiling to myself in the mirror all the time.

Still this is not me, but I do like the portrait. (did you notice my hair got shorter by the way?). The eyes are too big and the lines are too pronounced, but the shape of the face is kind of a likeness, and I do like the shadows and lights and the texture of the hair. I will manage to get this right! ... won't I?

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