Every now and then I get obsessed and/or intrigued by a subject or a certain technique. It's about wanting to master the skill this time. So here I am again, with another self portrait (with a pair of glasses on, to add some variety and an extra challenge) and also a portrait of my fiancee...

Ha! So now you know what the both of us look like, because although some features aren't quite perfect yet, you could absolutely recognize us from these drawings. I'm proud on persevering and the results. These are done with photos for reference. I want to be able to use this technique, drawing from real life as well.

At the same time: now what? I don't particularly like this style of realistic drawing, it looks a bit old fashioned if that's the right word. However, understanding lighting, shading and proportions, wil definitely help me in my illustrations and drawings.
For instance, I tried to 'translate' my bic-pen Millie into this style. It works. Next challenge is to draw Millie more realistic and a bit older.

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