Sketchcrawl sketches

Yesterday's Sketchcrawl was fun! 
Here are some of the the results of the day:

I started out drawing my starbucks cup and once I started drawing the patterned tiles on the floor, the first participant arrived.

My dad also participated the sketch crawl. I was so happy he joined us: I just had to draw him!

This is the brand new 'EYE' building, it's a super modern building that houses the film museum.

When I finished my drawing of the view, I started drawing Ninon, who was sitting next to me and didn't realize she was being sketched while she was concentrated on her own creations.

With part of the group we took the ferry across the IJ-lake, to draw just a bit more on the terrace of the EYE.
Ninon decided to sketch in words! She 'sketched' some nice poems of the impressions of the day and partly combined her words with drawings.

Laura worked pretty fast and also sketched the EYE building, two of us, lamp posts and a ticket booth. She nicely filled up this sketchbook spread.

Frans like lines and repetition, and he made this great sketch of the roof at the station

Yvonne worked with fineliner and watercolours and made a statement with this piece: 'no challenge of drawing people today'! 

Annemarie made a sketch in fineliner of me and my dad from the back. I had no idea she did this, until she showed it after it was finished. I was surprised and impressed!
Participants during the SketchCrawl were me, Yvonne, Annemarie, Frans, Laura and Ninon. It was great they were all there, inspite of the awful weather!

The photos were made by Frans Koene - thanks dad!

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