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Here's a crowd I made last week:

Last week it was my mom's birthday. I asked her what she wanted as a present and she said: 'I would like a print of one of your crowds'. A print? No way, of course I made one especially for her. It's already up on her wall and she's very happy with it. 

Funny details about this crowd: My fiancee asked me: 'What did your mom ask for a birthday present?' Me: 'A crowd'. He: 'What? A clown??' 
Hence the clown on the right, on the fourth row from above. 
Also, as I was making this crowd especially for my mom, I wanted to put something personal, but not too obvious, in it. She recognised her own mom immediately (third row up, second from the right, the tiny woman with the white hair), and with one person between them, to the left is her father as well, with the grey hair and wearing his signature bow tie, as he always used to wear. Both of them have passed away but very much alive in our memories and now part of this special crowd.

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