update on self portraits

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I'm still having fun drawing self portraits. Is it weird to draw myself almost every day?I guess, in the process of learning, it's okay. And anyway: it's okay to be weird!

I took a photo with wide angle and then drew the portrait. The wide angle causes strange proportions, but I can't blame the placement of the eyes (way too high and also too far apart from each other) on the camera. It was me, not the technology.

I took a photo again, a bit further away so the wide angle wouldn't influence the proportions. I learned it's best to light the face from one side so you get clear shadows. They will define the structure of the face. I totally like this technique with pencil, eraser and blending stick! Although this is still not exactly me... but never mind that.

On sunday morning I was up early, put a chair in front of the open window and placed a mirror in front of me. Sunbathing and drawing at the same time: Nice. As you can see, I was squinting because of the sunlight. I've done a lot of erasing of the nose and mouth because I just couldn't get it right. But there's not so much likeness anyway. Still - I did draw a self portrait from a mirror again, which I find a lot harder to do than from a photo.

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