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Yesterday it was a beautiful summer day, here in Amsterdam. I decided to take a break from working on the lesson material for my online drawing course and headed outside to sit and enjoy the sunday afternoon on a terrace. I took out my drawing pad and my ballpoint Bic pens. I got inspired by the book The art of Urban Sketching to do this drawing. Somehow I used to think I'm not good at drawing buildings or trees, but I realize it's just that I'm not so familiar with doing it. When drawing, you can learn anything. And I think giving some extra attention to the things that you find hard to do, is the only way to improve. 
I think I did well, especially on the tree. 
I had a small colour pallette to work with, which made it even more challenging. I used the multi-pens from bic and used green, light green, red dark blue, light blue, pink, a bit of purple and a tiny bit of black.

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