The percolator is such a great coffee maker and has such a smart design! The bottom part is filled with water, then the filter is filled up with freshly ground coffee, and placed on top, then the top part is screwed on, then put on the gas. After a few minutes the sound of the coffee, bubbling up through the pipe, fills your ears, and the smell of fresh coffee fills your nose.
This card was sent out to one of the winners of my recycling giveaway, and I'm planning to make prints and/or postcards to sell in my Etsy shop soon!

Now that you woke up and smelled the coffee - how about this:

I'm offering an interactive, teacher-led drawing course for people who like to draw and would like to improve their drawing skills. The course contains tutorials, videos and images, plus a lot of bonusses and extras for 6 weeks full of fun. It starts October 1st and you can read all about it and register here!

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