Journal Pages - Switzerland 2

The last two weeks of September I was in Switzerland and enjoyed the fresh mountain air, beautiful landscapes, the sun on my skin, wonderful mountain walks with stunning views, the time to relax, great company, and good food. 
We walked to the top of the Säntis, which is the talles mountain in the Alpstein Massif of Northeastern Switzerland. 2500 meters above sea level! We were lucky to have perfect weather and the views during the walk and from the summit were spectacular.

The Gabris is 1250 meters high. Again, we chose a beautiful sunny day to do this walk and it was beautiful, through the woods, crossing super green grasslands with cows in them and the tinkling of the bells around their necks as an extra feature. And on the summit, a wonderful restaurant serving cool beer, sausages and salads as a reward.

Two days of rain in our two week vacation. We didn't mind at all. we stayed in a very comfortable cottage with mountain view, and had no problem at home staying in. Quite a treat after months of city- and work - rush.
Zurich has the  Üetliberg,  873 m. The sign said the walk to the restaurant, 'Gmuetliberg' would take about 1,5 hour. We did it in 40 minutes :) and had lunch with a view over the city and the lake of Zurich.

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