A special visitor

Last saturday my nephew came over and we spend the day together. He's 8 years old and we baked cookies and brownies, made a drawing each, messed around with stamps, played with a Lego farmer and a bunch of wooden miniature animals from South Africa and we watched his favourite Lego City videos. What a day.
In my daily drawing journal, I try to do a drawing every day, but sometimes I'm a bit behind. So then I just fill the pages of the missed days later that week.
Instead of doing another self portrait to train my graphite pencil techniques, I decided to draw him. So I found a photo I took from him last month, and filled the page for Saturday, December 1. It's a bit 'kitsch', and even though I think that right eye is a bit off, it's not a bad drawing at all:

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And this is the stamp present my nephew made for me as a surprise. It has all the folds because I had to 'unwrap' it! It says 'the owl Kooje'. He forgot the s in my name, but who cares?

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