Journal page - Glasses

I started a new sketchbook, and this drawing is on the first page: It's #11 on the EveryDayMatters Challenge list: Draw your glasses or sunglasses
I have many pirs of sunglasses, and have drawn some of them before, too. I use two pairs of glasses, so every day I get to choose between this pair above, a pair of green ones and my contact lenses. never a dull moment...
I used graphite pencils HB, 3B, 5B, 7B and 9B. And a blending stick, and perhaps the most important tool: an eraser.

If you think: 'how does she draw this?'. Well, in my online drawing course I'll tell you exactly how I do this, and I even tell you how you can do this too!
You can click here to read all about it, and register to join the course that starts in January!

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