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As I mentioned in my previous post: sometimes I'm a bit behind in my drawing journal. On this page, I caught up on 3 days, and combined it with items from the EveryDay Matters Challenge List. The list can come in so handy, if I don't have any drawing ideas! It's challenging, because it makes me draw things I wouldn't think of in the first place. Who would draw one of their socks for instance?
EDM#21 – Draw something old, antique or vintage (this little bird is a vintage pepper shaker which belonged to a salt shaker, which broke years ago. It once was a food styling 'prop' on sets in the photo studio of my Dad, now it's a cute vintage item in my kitchen)
EDM#17 – Draw a musical instrument (my fiancee has been playing the guitar since he was very young. I chose to draw a few accessories: a bottleneck to put around your finger for a beautiful glassy sound effect, and three guitar plectrums)
EDM#22 – Draw a piece of clothing (one of my stripey socks. Don't worry, it's clean!)

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