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Do you like drawing, but you're not confident about your drawing skills? Then have a look at this:
I'm offering a 6 week online drawing course that will help you develop your drawing skills. we will be drawing from life, draw faces, expressions, people, and from our imaginations. The course is suitable for both beginners and more advanced. You will get guaranteed feedback on your assignments in the course.
You can read all about it here, and register to join the course that starts in January!

I was in Zurich, Switzerland, over the weekend. These are the journal pages from the past few days. I found myself a new challenge: make quick drawings of interiors and exteriors. Practice is everything when learning, and yes, I am still learning!

More challenges - I need to practice a lot more, drawing interiors. In this page I got confused when a very tall man sat down in the middle of the room (the one with the newspaper on the left of the crease)
Flying back home.

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