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Hey Happy New Year!

2012 flew by, and 2013 will even be more crazy and wonderful!

Especially with my online drawing course 'JustDrawIt!' starting on January 14! There are already some very enthusiastic participants who can't wait to get started. Will you join too?

You can sign up here

Here's a really nice watercolour drawing that Frans made, who was one of the participants of the last course. He surprised himself by getting this result! He says: "You can draw better than you think! This step-by-step course is a great help."

He didn't stop drawing either, after the course finished. Have a look at his online sketch pad here.

The seed for all this (deciding to develop and teach an online drawing course) was planted when I attended the first session of 'Creative Courage', by Stephanie Levy. Her course will also be starting again, on January 28. If you're interested in this inspiring course, you can read about it here.

I'm a bit behind (oh, those crazy festive days at the end of the year!) on scanning my journal. This is one of the journal pages I did before Christmas:
The running seems to have something to do with the baking of the brownies and cookies :)
It doesn't. I baked a whole lot of them, but I don't even eat sugar myself! My chocolate brownies are very popular, and I made them for a friend who wanted to hand them out as a treat for the colleagues she was leaving for another job. The cookie dough went into the freezer and I served them at new year's eve at our dinner party.

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