Illustration Friday - 'Storm'

This week's topic on Illustration Friday is 'Storm'. Here's my submission: 

For this drawing, I first had an idea of hair, waving by the wind, which I drew quickly in the corner of a page on which I was writing down the transcript for one of my videos, in my online drawing course 'JustDrawIt!'. I used two Conte-pencils for it: brown and orange. 

Then I made a second drawing, using brown ink and the brown Conte-pencil. Didn't like it. 


I just let it rest for a while and finally made my stormy drawing in my drawing journal. In the morning, I had an 'art date' with my friend Yvonne. After that, I had dinner with my dad and sat down drawing with him as well.

Would you like to improve your drawing skills? 'JustDrawIt!', starting March 11, might be just the thing for you! Have a look here. 

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