Illustration Friday - Eye glasses

This week's topic on Illustration Friday is 'Eye glasses'

I had a look at all the submissions on Illustration Friday and it's fun to see how the website is filled with images with glasses in them. Row after row. I felt like doing a portrait, and thought about Dame Edna or Elton John, famous artists, wearing famous glasses. Then I suddenly thought of monocles, and found a vintage photo on the internet that I used for reference. 

 In the original, the man looks sideways, but I decided to make my fattened up version look at YOU, and to make the monocled eye enlarged.
In the process, I found out that working from a black and white photo, makes it a lot easier to see the shades and shadows and translate them into graphite. Quite logical, as you don't need to translate any colours, but still, I never realized.

My graphite addition wouldn't leave me alone, so I started another drawing, after finding a pic of Elton John and his windshield wiper glasses. 

I ran out of time and patience. The proportions aren't right (long face) I should have worked a bit more on the roundness of the right glass, the details, and the eyes. Now it just looks like he has huge eyelashes, but those are the wipers... However, I thought I'd show you my experiment anyway!

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