Inspiration Station - Artsyville / Aimee Myers Dolich

Ladies and gentlemen.... on the Inspiration Station: 
The amazing work of 
Aimee Myers Dolich, from Artsyville

Way before I started blogging, 'back in the days' when I was a free lance photographer, a friend of mine mentioned 'Artsyville'. She said: 'I ordered an artprint. It's so fun, happy, colourful and unique!' I never heard of Artsyville, but once I saw the print, I understood why my friend was over the moon with her print.

Fun, happy and colourful, oh yes. And there's so much truth in the hand lettered and doodled words Aimee uses in her art as well. I love her work. You know what? See for yourself, in all the eye candy below!

I love Aimees resourcefulness: 

I have a copy of this artprint framed on the kitchen wall. It was (poorly)copied by someone who tried to sell her version of it on an art market. getting inspired is one thing, but copying things and then sell it as your own? Wow. Anyways, I'm proud to have The Real Thing.)

 Want one too? Find it here

Be in time this year and get your mum a REAL fun Mothersday present:
You can buy it here 

 In her Etsy shop there's lots of other fun stuff, like a whole bunch of these magnets

And if you need some distraction, then Let's Get Lost!

This is just the first image of the Getting Lost Journey - find more here

One last thing: Free goodies
No colour this time, but black and white charts to colour and learn at the same time. 'Public Service Printables' colouring pages, pdfs to be downloaded from here

You can find Aimee here:

Have fun!

One more thing! I made an ebook: 10 Habits for Inspiration and guess what??
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