Journal page - a sunny day

I just started using this new Moleskine watercolour journal, and I'm already having so much fun with it! Yesterday, it was really sunny, and I went out for a bit of drawing in the afternoon. I Sat down and watched everyone who had come out to enjoy the warming afternoon sun. In the front here, you see a row of elderly people. They were chatting about, I couldn't understand what they said because they were speaking Morroccon. I was fascinated by the hats they wore. Other noises that come back to me when looking at this drawing: kids running and calling, skipping balls ringing bycicle bells and the flapping of pigeon wings. (Noting the sounds: inspired by Jodi Wiley)

I used a water resistant calligarphy pen from Artline. I added watercolours using my Winsor&Newton watercolour set and a waterbrush pen.

I'm superexcited because of the third run of the online drawing course 'JustDrawIt!' that I'm teaching! In the course I will tell you a lot more about drawing outside and especially about drawing people. Interested? have a look and register here to join the course that starts this Monday!

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