Journal pages from my 'bachelor weekend'

Yep. Me and my love are getting married! I'm so excited!
That's why my girlfriends surprised me about a week ago. They took me out for an unforgettible weekend! On Saturday they picked me up for a gorgeous lunch, and after that, we went to the luxurious Hotel Okura. We had two rooms 'en suite', VERY luxurious and comfortable. We spent the afternoon in the spa and swimming pool and drank prosecco in our bathrobes! At night we dressed up, had cocktails with a beautiful view on Amsterdam and we had a copious meal.

And of course, the next morning we had a luxurious breakfast too. We totally forgot that we were in our own city, untill we drove out of the garage again, and were home in 15 minutes! It was awesome.
I never take much time on make up and 'doing the hair', so while waiting for the others, I took outmy sketchbook. I was so glad I tossed it in my bag just before heading outside without knowing what to expect.
A pretty healthy breakfast, huh? One of my girlfriends had 2 portions of beans in tomato sauce with scrambled eggs and bacon, and had a noodle soup afterwards, haha!

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