Sharing inspiration: Danny Gregory

When you're a regular visitor of my blog, you will notice this is a different kind of post than I usually do.
I mostly use this blog as my 'online stage' for my drawings and sketches and I love getting feedback and comments from you! Keep 'm coming! Thanks for following me!

Just to show you a bit 'behind the scenes', I will post a small selection of work from an artist who inspires me. I'll be doing this every now and then. Today I'm kicking off this new habit, with Danny Gregory.

Apart from being a super talented self employed illustrator, Danny Gregory works as an executive creative director for an advertising agency. He lives in New York and does a lot of drawing, using sketchbooks / drawing journals / art journals.

Seeing these pages was my first introduction to Danny's work. I somehow stumbled upon them and then gloated over his work, clicking through all the pages of the art journals he has on his website.

Fun to see how he portrayed the city I live in. The Museum Quarter, is where I grew up close by!

I love it how he wrote 'Sunday' in Dutch. I do that too when travelling, writing the days of the week in the language of the country where I'm in.

I'm a sucker for food drawings.


'Boids', haha! He's funny too.

Looks like a page from a graphic novel!

Comforting: starting the day with a drawing. Great to see how the self portraits differ, just like the days do.

New York! I love the combination of writing and drawing and how it all becomes one.

The atmosphere of Rome so well captured!

This one is from a sketchbook filled with portraits of criminals - made with mug shots for reference. Such a great idea.Those colours!!

I have been waiting in anticipation, for his latest book to arrive at my doorstep: An Illustrated Journey - a collection from the private art journals of traveling artists, illustrators and designers. It came in the mail yesterday. I'm off now, absorbing all the eye candy!

Danny Gregory has published several books, for which some of the ideas sprouted from a tragic story which involves tragic accidents and losing the love of his life. His drawings became his way to channel his feelings and to appreciate the every day things in life. This is a long story short and I won't go into it, because I wouldn't know where to begin. If you want to read more about Danny Gregory, his books, his story and is work, visit his website and get inspired!
You'll find loads of links to interviews, videos and interesting reads too. Have fun!

One more thing: My online drawing course starts again March 11! You can join six weeks of drawing fun with me. Click here to read about it and to enroll. I hope to see you in class!