Sharing Inspiration - Jennifer Skelley

I have a fun inspiration post for you.

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In the group course I'm teaching participants about different techniques that will take both beginners and the more advanced to the next level, and I show you how to make drawing a Life Habit. So do you like drawing? Well, let's stop blaming our busy lives for not doing what we love.
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Now. With that said. Here's a bit of inspiration that's gonna lead to a lot more inspiration, I assure you.
Jennifer Skelley is a self-taught illustrator from Tasmania (now there's a place that's on my list!), who's blog Red Parka Diaries is brimming of cool stuff!

On her blog she shares arts, crafts, lifestyle and creative marketing (slash marketing for creatives)
Her weekly posts called 'Illustration crush' will make you find a LOT of new blogs, online shops and illustrations! Oh yes, and it'll make you loose track of time.

Most of the time she's showing off beautiful work that others make, so I will be showing some of her colourful illustrations:

Lots of animals to be found in her work, I especially like the ones with birds:


Jen has a thing for retro. I can't blame her!


Even better yet: retro kitchen stuff!



This makes me laugh every time I see it:

You can find Jen on
her blog

Have fun!