Sharing Inspiration - Rob Jelinski

Today I'm sharing a secret. The secret is called Rob Jelinski, founder and creative director of Rob Jelinski Studios. He's a multi talented designer, but way more than that. He's an inspiration alright!
Okay, so Rob is not just an all round designer who does promotions, marketing, apparel, photo retouching, and web design. He takes corporate identity and branding to a creative and personal level. Rob is Creative At Heart. Which happens to be  his motto.

He brings together people who are creative at heart as well and collaborates with likeminded artists: designers, painters, illustrators, musicians, writers. He has a love for typography and a keen eye for detail. Wich you can see here for instance, in the branding for his 'A book called forever', his stunning version of The Sketchbook Project 2012:

I met Rob Jelinski through 'TheSketchbookProject 2012'. Or actually, he found me. By selecting 20 of his favourite projects in progress, he found a fun way of connecting people and cross promoting, and in the end I even flew to New York City to attend the opening show of the SketchBookProject in Brooklyn that year and we had the pleasure to meet in person.
Gaze over the pages of A book called...Forever here

Just like last year, in his latest Sketchbook project 'Revolutionary', he combined visuals and music.

You can download the music of this innovative and beautiful project for free by clicking here and enjoy the digital concert he organized here.
And you can leaf through the digitized pages of the book here 
The man himself!

Here's a few more branding designs he did: 

Without knowing it, you've seen his work here before. Rob helped me polishing the look of my blog, my online course, and well.. my brand! Have you noticed my blog banner, for instance? I can tell you: he's a great guy with innovative ideas, style, and it's fun to collaborate with him!

You can find Rob Jelinski here:
His website