Inspiration Station - Cathy Holtom

This week I'm sharing a secret watercolour inspiration source: Cathy Holtom. 

I don't remember how I found her blog a while ago, probably through Illustration Friday. It doesn't matter anyway. Her work is delightful, colourful, juicy and loose, and I love it. Her watercolour drawings and paintings are awesome, but she works magic with colour pencils and even oil paint too. See for yourself!

Cathy lives in Sicily. I was lucky enough to visit Sicily for a holiday a few years ago, and I have a soft spot for it ever since. In Cathy's work, I recognize the atmosphere and the light, and sometimes I can even feel the island breeze!

And of course,  I love food drawings and paintings - fruit and veggies galore in Italy:

I told you it was juicy!
And what about these colour pencil drawings ?

...and oil paintings

Wow. At first glance, I thought this was a photo:

Would you like to see more? Find Cathy here:

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