Inspiration Station - Megan Eckman

Today's inspiration to share is the wonderful pen work of Megan Eckman. I'm not sure how I found her online (or did she find me?), but ever since I bought her awesome book 'How to Outsmart Tea Pirates (and other helpful tips)', I am a huge fan of her work. She's a very talented writer, poet and illustrator, and a lovely person too. Megan's style is a mixture of imagination, humour, 19th century, passion, craftmanship, and a little bit of magic.


In January this year, Megan started a project to challenge herself, and to get back into the habit of portrait drawing the way she learned it in art school. It's a huge project - she draws a portrait for it every day of the year (wow!), and she works very dedicated to finish it. The fun part is: she's happy to draw portraits that are sent to her. You can send your own portrait and get it drawn! 
Of course, when I read about her project, I didn't hesitate one moment to send a pic and she made this for me. 
 I love it!

Here's a few more portraits from this fascinating project (I chose drawings she did in pen and ink to keep this post in the same style, but Megan works magic with colour as well - jus have a look at her blog to see more):

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Where to find Megan Eckman:
Twitter @studiomme
Her book
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