Inspiration Station: Nate Padavick

Today I want to introduce you to the work of Nate Padavick. Along with his sister Salli Swindell, he forms the brains behind the brilliant websites TheyDrawAndTravel and TheyDrawAndCook (where, I'm proud to say, I submitted quite a few recipes). Nate works as a freelance illustrator and he loves to draw maps. Here's some of his wonderful work:

-click the images to have a closer look at them-

I can't decide: which version I like best, winter or summer?

As a lover of (illustrated) food, I really like these maps:

And these recipes too:


Cool Cards to congratulate happy couples that now can finally get married in the US:

Plus a great Advice!
I wish we had taco trucks in Amsterdam...
Nate Padavick has created illustrated maps for The Wall Street Journal, Endless Vacation Magazine, Entertainment weekly and much more.
Find Nate Padavick and his awesomeness over here:
Twitter: @DrawandTravel

Just one more thing:
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