Journal pages

My sister in law lent me a stack of comic books "The Last Man' - a great story and beautiful artwork. As you can see, the way I drew my journal this week was influenced by it!

A little insight in my week here:
-On Tuesday nights I always go to 'kickfun', which is a group lesson in the gym whit kickboxing techniques, that we safely practice on kick bags - no sparring (I like to think I'm pretty cool and tough, but I'm not that tough...) Kickboxing for cowards - but anyways, it's great for both cardiovascular and muscle training.
-On Wednesday I went to the printing office to check the first printed wedding invitations... Whoot! Yep it's happening, me and my love are getting married and will celebrate in May! And the invitations look great!
-On Thursday I've been working on a batch of 'DrawTipTuesdays'
-On Friday I took a few hours off to go shopping and found a dress for the wedding party! Phew glad that's settled...

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