Life Portrait Drawing

Me drawing someone else's face than my own for a change
Last weekend, I attended a life portrait drawing session. It was so much fun, and the model was a super nice lady, dressed in bright pink. It was a 4 hour session, and before I went there, I was thinking I could never fill 4 full hours, but they flew by and I ended up making 3 drawings during this exercise. It was great to have someone patiently modelling, a wonderful change for once, as I'm often using my own face for portraits.

These portraits were all done using basic techniques with graphite pencils, like the blending technique and the rendering technique, and you might be amazed how easy they are if you tried them. You can learn to draw like this too!! Have a look by clicking here, and if you enroll today, there's a 10% discount on top of all the fun!

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