Live Model Drawing

I hadn't done any live model drawing in about 15 years and I wanted some exercise again so I went  looking online, for a place where I could attend a live drawing session. Surprisingly, just 2 blocks away from my apartment, there's a beautiful gallery that does weekly model drawing and painting sessions! In april they have 'portraits' as a theme, so I hope to attend at least one of those sessions too.

Pastel Chalks on brown paper
Hb, 3b, 5b and 7b Pencils on Canson sketch paper

It was a three hour session, and it was great to have the time to really study the proportions and shapes. After struggling with the proportions a bit, and with the feet too, I decided to use the last 45 minutes drawing details - hands and feet.

What a wonderful exercise, both relaxing and challenging!


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