Inspiration Station - Rod MacGregor

Today on Inspiration Station, the awesome, humorous, lightly disturbing, funny, belly laugh causing work of Rod MacGregor, aka The Pen Mover. 

A few years ago I found Rod MacGregor's blog through Illustration Friday. Rod has a talent to make his own interpretation of the weekly topics. There's always a surprise element in his drawings, and his humorous way of playing with words, combined with his drawings, makes me come back to his blog regularly.
As The Pen Mover, on his blog he mostly posts black and white pen drawings. When combining with colours, 9 out of 10 times he chooses a bloody red, and uses that perfectly. He developed a few characters as well, and the most popular one is Gerard, a round man twho's mostly depicted inside a box, and who has very disturbing dreams every so often.

Well, just see for yourself. Have fun!

Find Rod MacGregor here:
Twitter @thepenmover

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