Journal pages - Granddad's watercolour box

A few years ago, my mom gave me this beautiful small metal watercolour box. It once belonged to my grandfather, who was an artist painter and used to take this with him when he was travelling. It still had his mixed paint in it, and I suspect the tiny brush wasn't always dipped in water, but just licked on, when there wasn't any water around... 
My grandfather was very careful with his tools. He even kept the paper box around it.

I love the look of the design of the box, and it sat by my desk for a few years, like a sort of relic. My grandfather died before I went to art school, so he never saw me follow his footsteps. Now that I've been working with watercolours a lot lately, it was time to actually use that small travel box.
So I took photos of the relic; the used box and dried out paint, and got to work. Cleaned the box out and filled it with fresh watercolours. Turned it from relic to awesome box that will travel with me all the time! I'm so happy with it!

For the left page in my journal here, I used my brand new vintage watercolour box for the first time!

The box has a ring on the back, so you can put your thumb through it and easily hold it. I love it. The box is Winsor&Newton's, the watercolours are Van Gogh. Customized vintage I'll say!

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