Vacation Journal Pages

I went on vacation from May 4 to may 16. We did a great roadtrip, which was our honeymoon at the same time! 

We actually got married in Las Vegas. It was a drive-thru wedding in our rented convertible! 
It was fun and hilarious, but still it felt intimate and sort of romantic in it's own funny way.

This was our ride:

Why Vegas, you ask? Well, to us, getting married is about two people, and not about guest lists, receptions, dresses, cakes, brides maids etc. So we decided to combine travelling, getting married and a honeymoon - for this,  Vegas was a great option. After the wedding we fled the plastic Vegas circus and made a road trip through beautiful places and wonderful national parks. It was awesome!

We had a morning run on the strip and even through casino's, Vegas is crazy unreal. We were glad to roll into Arizona town Tusayan, where we met a musician who was quite a character. I made an attempt to draw him :)
We saw the Grand Canyon and awed at its endlessness...

...enjoyed Utah and stayed in a quite little town called Tropic and visited Bryce Canyon National Park...

...had our first helicopter flight ever and flew over Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Black Canyon...

...visited Hoover Dam. What a beautiful piece of architecture!

In our front yard at the bungalow we rented in the Mojave Desert, hummingbirds came to visit every morning and afternoon. I only saw hummingbirds on pictures and tv. It was amazing to see them hoovering over bright coloured cactus flowers!

It was hot, out there in the desert. Even the wind was super warm. I drank a lot of iced tea and coffee (and drew one of them too). My husband played a lot of ukelele and guitar, it was a creative and inspiring trip.
I loved the rows of mailboxes alongside of the dirt roads. You couldn't even see the houses they belonged to, such distances in those desert towns! Those mailboxes are very exotic to me anyways, whereas for US citizens it's something completely normal.

I'm such a citygirl. I didn't even know I spotted a roadrunner until I got online to figure out what that funny walking bird could be. I'll admit it: I actually thought a roadrunner only existed in that cartoon (whoops)
After seeing all these beautiful nature sights, we got back to Las Vegas, which looked even more unreal!