Journal Pages - wobbly days

Keeping a journal is so cool.
Drawing is a life habit for me. I wouldn't want to miss it. ever.
 These journal spreads show how wobbly my days have been lately, wow!

Hooked on graphic novels and comics! I guess that's why I like drawing inside frames, and this graphic style of bold black lines combined with watercolours. I think the perspective is fun, and it works so well with text quotes.

 A very good option I tend to forget, whenever I don't feel very inspired on what to draw: 'What I wore today' is a project, started by Gemma Corell. In the Flickr photo pool, you can add your drawings. It's fun, and there are so many drawings to browse through!

For my birthday, a friend of mine gave me a wonderful set of graphite pencils. They had been sitting on my desk, waiting to be used, and on Saturday I finally sat down and drew our coffee pot while sipping the coffee that came out of it. While I sat there drawing at the kitchen table, my husband played the ukelele. True weekend bliss! Eating super sweet strawberries, outside in the sun - and getting to use their juice as paint - gave the a beautiful summer feeling to the Monday evening.
Inspite of the bliss, I have been feeling restless for quite some time. It's all in my head and I know I'll be fine once I get all my thoughts in order. It was good to hear the soothing quote (I don't remember whose it is) 'Nobody knows what they're doing'! Phew.
Oh and by the way, that tea in the top right corner .... it reminded me of smelly feet!
-quick snapshots taken with my phone during the process of the coffe pot drawing-

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