The past weeks - journal pages

The past two weeks seems to have caught up on me...
Here's what I've been up to:
a new carpet, and fish 'n' chips in a fancy restaurant

A wonderful first 'live' meeting with online friends

I was in a french mood.

Almost peed my pants of anxiety during my first kickboxing sparring training... it's much scarier than the boxing ball I'm used to fight! Next day I ate at least double the calories that I burned the day before, in one of my favourite Chinese restaurants. I just couldn't stop eating!

Another wonderful 'live' meeting with a different set of online friends - we found a bench alongside of the canal in Amsterdam and drew what we saw.
Ah yeah, and before that....
...we had a LOT of rainy days in Amsterdam. Bit of a bummer, coming back from two weeks of sun in the US on our honeymoon.

I had a manicure. I just can't sit still, but I managed. The nails looked great for almost 2 weeks!

We had family and friends over from all over the world for our marriage celebration party on Saturday. We got married, just the two of us abroad, but wanted to celebrate love with some friends and family back home. The days before and after the party were a big bunch of social fun - going out for dinner with a big group of family, having lunch with friends, visiting museums together with them...

Although we got married two weeks before on holiday, I still felt a bit like a bride must feel... I wore a gorgeous bright red dress that will be suitable for all sorts of other parties in the future too, and had a fun red and black hairthingy that looked a bit like a hat.

The party ended late. VERY late. But it was SO much fun. Still, even though we were super tired, we managed to spend the sunday with some family members before they left the Netherlands to go back home again.

.....and then.... the sun came out!

Sometimes by the end of the day I haven't had time to draw, so then I do a 'quickie', of something that is at hand. Uhm, literally yes.

Saw old friends, had a great dinner, and the next day had a fun meeting with lots of laughter.

There you go. I have been busy, huh!? And in between, I've been working too :)

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